Year 6 Homework

Now that the cast has been set and the children have been given their scripts and song lyrics/music, it is very important that they learn any lines and song words in preparation for our summer production of ‘The Lion King’. However, they will need to have the script and song words available in school every day, ready for rehearsals. A letter will soon follow with costume details and ticket information. We are all so excited about our production and ROARING to go!

In preparation for Maths Day on Monday 13 th June, we would like the children to complete their entries for the competition. They need to find a representation of the number 90 in the environment around them and take a photograph of this to submit. Alternatively they can create the number 90 and take a photograph of their creation. This is in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

We would also like to remind year 6 parents that there will be an information meeting regarding our forthcoming Sex and Relationships Education programme on Monday 13th June at 9.15 in Class 8. This meeting will cover the content of the session and provide the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.