Year 3 Key Information

Key Information

PE kits need to be in school every day. They need indoor and outdoor PE kits, including trainers. These will be sent home at the end of each half term to be washed.

Earrings: All earrings need to be removed or taped up for PE for safety reasons. Please provide tape and a little container to keep them safe.

Art shirt: Please provide an art shirt to be kept in school to protect school uniform from paint, pastels and glue.  An adult shirt or t-shirt is ideal to cover most of the uniform up.

Reading Books: We expect every child to read daily at home. All children, regardless of what they are reading, benefit from reading aloud and sharing a book with an adult. It is also important that they bring their reading books to school daily and that the reading record is signed by the adult regularly.

Homework: This is given out at the end of each week, to be completed by Tuesday. Each child has been given a homework folder in a plastic wallet to help protect them.  

Spellings and Times tables: Please support your child by helping them practise these each week.