Stackpole – Day 3

As day three draws to a close the children have had another great day at Stackpole. Breakfast was an interesting mix of hash browns, spaghetti hoops and rounds and rounds of toast. Activities began once again soon after breakfast was finished.

Whilst the Badgers looked for the creatures from the sea at Angle Bay, the Stoats managed to tame the winds in the moat of Pembroke Castle as they worked together in their canoes. The Otters and the Weasels spent the day exploring the Stackpole Estate and climbing the old quarry face before returning home for a hot meal. The polecats got to grips with the new mountain bikes in the morning and explored the woods in the afternoon. Class 7 went out at 7pm to experience the “night line” with Mr Jewels, Mrs King and Mr McMorrow and returned full of stories and laughter. Fatigue meant an early night for all, with much talk of merriment and adventure tomorrow.