Stackpole – Day 2

After a decent night’s rest and a early shower (at 6:00am for some early risers!) a hearty cooked breakfast was served before (from 8:30am) the five groups set off on their day’s activities. The Badgers explored the sprawling woods and managed to orientate themselves successfully around the grounds and completed the second part of the John Muir Conservation Award pulling up brambles to clear much needed space. The Stoats took to their bicycles and enjoyed a wonderful bike ride cycling through streams and muddy tracks. The Otters spent the morning at Freshwater West beach to sample life in the rockpools whilst the Weasels canoed in the moat of Pembroke Castle. The Polecats spent the whole day away from the centre learning to climb and taking in some breathtaking views of the Stackpole Estate. Class 7 spent the last part of the day completing the teachers’ favourite activity of the week – The Night Line.  After another great day the children flopped in to bed ready for Wednesday.