School Journey 2015 – 2016 to Stackpole Outdoor Activity Centre

Parents Meeting Powerpoint

Day 1

After a long journey that took us across the Severn Bridge and to the end of the M4, we arrived safely at Stackpole Outdoor Learning Centre at just after 4pm. Bags were taken to rooms and after a quick turn round Ack, the centre manager, greeted us and took us through a long list of dos and dont’s; the most important of which was to listen! Once we deposited our bags, we spilt into two groups and were shown around the very impressive estate that once belonged to the McDonalds of Cawdor. A short walk through the woods brought us back to the centre and a long awaited evening dinner – sausages, locally sourced new potatoes and vegetables. This was followed by jelly and ice cream. After we were given a few more “house rules,” it was time to complete our daily diary. This was a good opportunity to talk through the day and look forward to the events for the rest of the week. Lights out was just after ten o’ clock and after a little chat with room mates the land of nod came calling. It was a great start to an exciting week.

stackpole-2015-school-trip-8 stackpole-2015-school-trip-20 stackpole-2015-school-trip-16


Day 2

We woke at 7 am sharp to begin our second day at Stackpole. Having placed our orders for breakfast with Ack, the centre manager at the end of last night’s dinner, we sat down to porridge, scrambled egg, bacon and round upon round of toast. Tea, juice and exciting conversation filled the air as we waited to find out which groups we were in. Whales, Otters, Porpoises, Seals and Dolphins were the names of the groups and we were excited to be with friends old and new for the rest of the week.

We were all going to actively participate in the activities, but our first taste of what Stackpole had to offer was just around the corner.The dolphins set out on their mountain bikes to explore the outstanding countryside, the Whales were off to the beach to look in the rock pools to see and learn about marine life, the Porpoises set off for the outdoor climbing centre and the Otters explored the beach. We were set for the day.

stackpole-2015-school-trip-35 stackpole-2015-school-trip-29 stackpole-2015-school-trip-1

Here are the Otters and Porpoises rock climbing and exploring the breathtaking beaches and cliff tops of Stackpole.

stackpole-2015-school-trip-28 stackpole-2015-school-trip-5 stackpole-2015-school-trip-7 stackpole-2015-school-trip-25 stackpole-2015-school-trip-6 stackpole-2015-school-trip-2 stackpole-2015-school-trip-19 stackpole-2015-school-trip-17 stackpole-2015-school-trip-31 stackpole-2015-school-trip-4 stackpole-2015-school-trip-32 stackpole-2015-school-trip-34 stackpole-2015-school-trip-33 stackpole-2015-school-trip-30

The Dolphins and the Seals mountain Biking and orienteering

stackpole-2015-school-trip-10 stackpole-2015-school-trip-37 stackpole-2015-school-trip-22 stackpole-2015-school-trip-3 stackpole-2015-school-trip-23 stackpole-2015-school-trip-36 stackpole-2015-school-trip-12

Day 3

Everyone slept soundly after a full day of activities. Breakfast awaited and the sun came up, our third day at Stackpole had begun. After a long day of fun and excitement everyone returned back to the centre tired yet full of stories about their day. We had a lovely surprise at dinner time; Christmas had come early!

stackpole-2015-school-trip-26 stackpole-2015-school-trip-21 stackpole-2015-school-trip-14 stackpole-2015-school-trip-27


Day 4

The last day had arrived much to everyone’s disappointment. Lights came on at 7 o’clock and breakfast was finished by half 8. Dressed and ready to go, we found out what out final activities were. The Whales were cycling through the estate, Porpoises were off to the shore to learn about life in rock pools, the Seals were facing the challenge of climbing, the Otters and the Dolphins tested their prowess on the water in canoes. After a very full day everyone returned to the centre tired hungry but full of happy memories.

stackpole-2015-school-trip-18 stackpole-2015-school-trip-24 stackpole-2015-school-trip-13 stackpole-2015-school-trip-9 stackpole-2015-school-trip-38 stackpole-2015-school-trip-11