School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Hertfordshire Catering Limited and are very popular with the children.  A choice of menu is prepared everyday in our school kitchen by our cook Mrs Luk

Packed lunches may be brought to school in a lunch box with the name of the child on it. Water is provided for all children at lunch time but if you prefer to send a drink with the packed lunch, please ensure that a plastic screw-top container is provided. Please do not send chocolates, sweets or fizzy drinks.

For the academic year 2016-17 the price of a school meal is £2.25 a day therefore £11.75 a week.If you have any queries about payments for school dinners please contact Ms Cornford who is available in the office from 9.00am till 5.00pm.

All monies are paid each Monday or on the first day of term. If a child is absent at the beginning of the week, dinner money should be paid on his or her return to school. School meals may be paid (cheque) or by using PMX for the whole term, half term or weekly.

Payments should be sent in a secure envelope with the child’s name. Should you wish your child to be withdrawn from school meals, a letter of explanation and/or telephone call to the Head teacher is required and two weeks notice given.

School Lunch menu

Children of families receiving certain benefits could be entitled to free school meals and other education benefits.

If your family lives in Hertfordshire and has a low income, you may be able to get help with the cost of full-time education for your child.

You may be able to get:

  • Free school meals.
  • Help with travel costs.
  • Help with music fees (full remission of music tuition costs).
  • Help with cycle training.

Find out how to apply here

Packed Lunch

We have children in school with allergies (some potentially life threatening)
Please do not put anything in your child’s packed lunch that may contain nuts of any kind (including coconut) -No NUTS
We are a healthy school
Please only pack a healthy lunch – nothing that contains chocolate, and no sweets are allowed.
We do not allow glass containers.
Fizzy drinks are not allowed.


School Meals