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Headteacher’s Newsletter – 24th March 2017

The tragic events that took place in central London earlier this week, have left communities shattered and almost broken, but the candle light vigil held in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday evening, was a sign of strength in a time of sorrow and darkness. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have had their lives shattered by these awful events .  May their souls and the souls of  of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

The week began with a victory and ended with a celebration. The school Netball team won the St Albans large schools netball tournament on Saturday afternoon which was a wonderful achievement and proves how hard work and determination really pay off. And we finished our week with a very enjoyable Mother’s Day mass prepared by the children from Year 5. In between there has been  a trip to Hazard Alley, an excellent assembly from Class 1, parent consultations and PTA Mother’s Day gift sale. Thank you to everyone who has supported these events and helped to make this week a good success.


The word of the week is HEALING – After a difficult week for many families and visitors to our country, may the love of God give us strength and heal us all.


Netball WInners – Our netball teams won the St Albans Large School tournament last Saturday afternoon. They played incredibly well through the rounds beating all comers including the school Busy Bee team before meeting Cunningham Hill in the final. The result of 6-3 was a wonderful result especially since they lost to them quite heavily during the early part of the season. Congratulations to everyone who took part and represented the school. You were great ambassadors and were gracious in victory.


Class 1 Assembly – We were reminded of the importance of Palm Sunday at Monday morning’s assembly. The children from Class 1 acted and spoke with clarity and purpose when they shard with the school the events that signal the beginning of Holy Week. Thank you children for reminding us of how Jesus accepted His death and the way He understood how this was to be done – through sacrifice. It was a powerful message that really helped all of us to focus on the week ahead.


Year 3 Trip to Hazard Alley – This popular Year 3 trip took place on Thursday afternoon. The children, parents and staff learnt about the importance of staying safe in a number of different hazardous situations. They were fantastic ambassadors for our school and responded positively to the experience. Thank you children.


Mother’s Day Mass – The children from Year 5, under the guidance of Mrs Porter, led a truly wonderful celebration on Friday morning. Fr TJ celebrated this year’s Mother’s Day mass which was well attended by mothers and grandmothers from all year groups. The children showed great reverence and were in fine voice. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a lovely occasion. Thanks must also be given to the PTA for organising the selling of daffodils for children to take home to their mothers for their special day.



Building Work – Ground work commences this weekend for the installation of new gates to the front of the school. Please refer to an earlier correspondence sent out this week for further details.


Attendance – Congratulations to Class 1 who had the best attendance this week with 99.7%

2nd Place – Class 7 – 98.6%

3rd Place – Class 6 – 97.2%


House Points – Congratulations to the children from Matthew who were this week’s winners with 733 points

2nd Place – John 697 points

3rd Place – Luke 694 points

4th Place – 658 points


PTA Update – Mother’s Day Gifts – will be on sale to the children during the school day today. Price £1.50. If the children don’t have the money today, they will still bring home a gift. Please send in the money next week. Happy Mother’s Day.

Tea Towels – there are still Junior school tea towels available. Please email to purchase. £5 for one, £8 for two.


Twitter – Please join and become a follower:  @headaands to keep up to date with the latest events that take place at school.


The BIG QUESTIONThere is a food that you don’t like. Is that because it tastes different for you or you don’t like the taste and the other person does?


Heal The World 

Heal the world’s sorrow

Dry the world’s tears

Calm the world’s worries

End the world’s fears.



New Gates and Fencing

Dear Parents/Carers,

Over the coming weeks, work will begin to install new automated gates and erect fencing at the front of the school. Contractors will begin work this weekend to dig a trench for cables to be laid, which will carry the electricity supply to the gates. The present gates will be removed and will be replaced by heras fencing until the end of April when the new gates will be installed. Eurotec fencing will be erected on the walls to the front of the school which will act as a deterrent and offer the school greater security.

Once the gates have been installed, they will operate on a time mechanism and will remain open during the busiest points of the school day. A pedestrian gate will also be installed next to the automated gate which will operate on an intercom. Access through this gate will also be timed to remain open during the busiest times of the day.

The security and safeguarding of everyone who enters the school grounds is of paramount importance and a key priority for the school and something we take very seriously. By erecting new gates and improving the security of the boundary wall, the school is compliant with the safeguarding procedures established by the government and we remain vigilant in our actions in keeping children, families and staff safe at all times.

Yours faithfully

Charles Soyka

C D Soyka


Netball Team win the St Albans Large Schools Tournament

Congratulations to the school Netball Team who won the St Albans Large School Netball tournament. They played incredibly well to reach the final where they beat Cunningham Hill convincingly by 6 goals to 2. A brilliant result. The B team also played well and finished a respectable third in their group. The netball team have had an excellent season and thanks must go to Paola, Greta and their team of coaches.

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Headteacher’s Newsletter – March 17th 2017

Spring has truly sprung and the sun has begun to shine. With three weeks left of term there are many events left on the calendar. Consultations begin next week, Year 4 perform at the Alban Arena on the 28th and building projects to begin. We have a lot to do! , Class 2 and the School Council celebrated assemblies with the school community on Monday and Thursday morning. Class 2 spoke about the importance of sharing and the School Council about their recent visit to the Houses of Parliament. Thank you children for inspiring us all with your message and knowledge. Children from Year 6 experienced the sacrament of reconciliation on Friday afternoon as part of their Lenten journey.Please remember to send your child to school with a warm coat that is clearly labelled.

The words of the week are : GOD’S LOVE – Where do we see God’s love in our everyday lives? Is it in the goodness you see all around you or in the daily challenges you face?


Class 2 Assembly – What a fantastic way to start the week! The children from Class 2 showed how sharing time, love and support can contribute to making our lives more enriching. They sang and acted with great presence and overcame the technical difficulties to leave the school thinking carefully about the message of their assembly. Thank you children.


School Council Assembly – The School Council led a special assembly on Thursday morning where they spoke to children, staff and family members about their recent trip to the Houses of Parliament. They shared their experiences and posed some challenging questions through the quizzes they created about the different parts of their trip. Thank you for reminding us about the importance of British Values and the role Parliament has in our everyday lives.


Parking – Please be mindful of how and where you park when collecting and dropping off your child. Neighbours have complained to the school about this very contentious issue. On the grounds of Health and Safety please ensure that you park safely and sensibly.


PTA Update:
Mother’s Day Gifts – will be available for the children to purchase on Friday March 24th. The format is different this year. All gifts are the same but will be personalised by your child. We hope you have a ‘blooming’ marvellous Mother’s Day.

Easter Activity Afternoon – this is an event for Infant school children and their siblings. If you have a child taking part in the hunt and a year 5 or 6 child who feels too old to join in then please ask them if they would like to help instead. There will be an Easter egg for all those who help. Email if you have a child who can help (no need to email if you have already volunteered your child).

Tea Towels – there are still Junior school tea towels available. Please email to purchase. £5 for one, £8 for two.


The Big Question – “If a school employs a teacher, does it own part of them?”


House Points – Congratulations to the children from MARK who were this week’s winners with 585 house points

2nd Place – Luke – 528 points

3rd Place – John – 393 points

4th Place – Matthew – 291 points


Attendance – Congratulations to Classes 3 and 7 who had the best attendance this week with 99.7%

2nd Place – Class 1 – 97.9%

3rd Place – Class 3 – 97.1%


Twitter – Don’t forget to follow the school at the following handle – @headaands We currently have 89 followers, help raise this number to over 100! The feed is updated regularly with lots of news and events, so please consider being a follower.


Future Dates – Monday 20th March – Teacher / Parent Consultations 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Tuesday 21st March – WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY – All children and staff to wear odd socks to school

Wednesday 22nd March – Year 3 Teacher Parent Consultations 4.00pm – 5.30pm / Year 3 to Hazard Alley

Friday 24th March – Mother’s Day Mass in School – 2.00pm / PTA Mother’s Day Gift Sale


The Weekend Tune:


I Put My Trust In You

O God,

Be a friend to me

as you were to Abraham in days of old:

for in spite of my many mistakes

I put my trust in you.



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