New Gates and Fencing

Dear Parents/Carers,

Over the coming weeks, work will begin to install new automated gates and erect fencing at the front of the school. Contractors will begin work this weekend to dig a trench for cables to be laid, which will carry the electricity supply to the gates. The present gates will be removed and will be replaced by heras fencing until the end of April when the new gates will be installed. Eurotec fencing will be erected on the walls to the front of the school which will act as a deterrent and offer the school greater security.

Once the gates have been installed, they will operate on a time mechanism and will remain open during the busiest points of the school day. A pedestrian gate will also be installed next to the automated gate which will operate on an intercom. Access through this gate will also be timed to remain open during the busiest times of the day.

The security and safeguarding of everyone who enters the school grounds is of paramount importance and a key priority for the school and something we take very seriously. By erecting new gates and improving the security of the boundary wall, the school is compliant with the safeguarding procedures established by the government and we remain vigilant in our actions in keeping children, families and staff safe at all times.

Yours faithfully

Charles Soyka

C D Soyka