Making A Complaint

Please read the letter below very carefully from Mr Adam Herron the Chair of Governors. Letters of this nature help to explain, and to remind parents and carers how to raise a complaint if they feel it is necessary. Staff work very hard to support the best interests of all children and families in the school but from time to time it is necessary to explain our processes and procedures so that everyone is clear about how to approach sensitive issues.


Dear Parents/Carers,
We all know what a very special place our school is for our children and the huge impact it has on the wider community here in St Albans. The governors know that for the vast majority of children the school is always a happy, caring place where they are very well nurtured by all staff. However we also know that the old maxim of ‘you can’t please all the people all of the time’ applies too from time to time. It is in that regard that I write you.
I would like to remind parents that the school has an open door policy and all staff are very willing to discuss any issues you may have. I would also like to remind parents of the Diocesan policy which the school adheres to, in relation to a complaint a parent may wish to make about the school or a member of staff.
Should you need it at any time the school’s Complaints Procedure may be found on the school website. The policy explains how complaints should be appropriately directed, depending on who they relate to. However Mr Soyka and his staff are always very keen to discuss any issues at an early stage to find a solution, if at all possible, and certainly before a complaint escalates to one of a formal nature.
Governors recognise that, with the best will in the world, sometimes complaints are escalated and I would like to remind parents that any such complaint must follow the prescribed process. It must also be stressed if a complaint is to be taken forward by the governors then the complaint form must be signed by the complainant. Action cannot be taken by the governors with regard to any anonymous complaints.
Thank you for your time in relation to this matter I, or Mr Soyka is happy to discuss any matter in relation to this.

Yours faithfully

Adam Herron
Chair of Governors
On behalf of the Governing Body