Homework – Letter to Parents

Please spend some time reading through the letter set out below which explains the school’s current position regarding homework.

Dear Parents and Carers,

The school introduced a new arrangement regarding homework at the beginning of this academic year to ensure a consistent approach across all year groups. Activities are given to children on Monday evening and returned to school on Thursday morning. Many parents have told me that they are very pleased with the change whilst others have found it difficult. Finding the right balance between completing activities that support and challenge children’s learning, and ensuring parents have the time to support their child will always prove to be a decision that will cause a certain amount of difficulty. What has to be kept in mind is the relationship between key stakeholders remains positive.

The government makes it very clear in the way they inspect the setting of homework.

“Teachers set homework, in line with the school’s policy and as appropriate for the age and stage of pupils, that consolidates learning and prepares pupils well for work to come.”

Research shows that homework is an important part of a child’s development throughout their time in school because of the discipline and application needed to complete the activities. Our policy makes it very clear that the rationale for homework is:

“To give children the opportunity to share their learning with their parents, to develop their confidence and achieve to the best of their ability.”

Teachers’ workloads continue to grow with every new government initiative and there are record numbers leaving the profession. The setting and marking of homework should be completed during the working week, which would allow them time to plan future learning and enjoy their leisure time. The current arrangement regarding homework will remain in place for the rest of the academic year and be reviewed in September.

In order to help working parents have access to their child’s homework, all activities will be posted on class pages on the school website every Monday afternoon. This will commence from Monday 13th March 2017.

Yours faithfully

Charles Soyka

C D Soyka