Headteacher’s Newsletter – December 16th 2016

As we head in to the final week of term and reflect on the events of the past term we have a lot to be thankful for. It culminated in last night’s nativity performance where we were treated to a wonderful performance of the greatest story ever told. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their Tudor day which deepened their understanding and appreciation of this influential family. The children and staff had great fun coming to school in their pyjamas in support of Save the Children charity. Next week is a week of enjoyment learning and celebration. Children may wear their Christmas jumpers and festive head wear though the week as we head in to the Christmas break.



The word of the week is: MARY – The last Sunday of Advent is traditionally dedicated to Our Lady. Charged with the responsibility of being mother to God’s son she accepted this role without complaint and knew what she had to do. We turn to her as the perfect example of thoughtfulness, kindness and joy. How do we show these qualities in our lives and accept things without question or complaint?


School Nativity Performance – Many adults including members of staff often comment that Christmas really begins with the children’s nativity performance. I thinks after last night’s lovely re-enactment of the nativity we can safely say that the Christmas spirit is alive and well. The children sang beautifully and acted with conviction. Thank you to everyone who came to support this very important event and to remember once again the significance this story has in each one of our lives.


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Dragon’s Apprentice Challenge –  Over the past six weeks a small band of entrepreneurs have been busy raising money for a local charity – The Talking Newspaper. They have run a photobooth at the last school disco, sold Pokemon trading cards and managed to persuade me to take a soaking courtesy of Hertfordshire Fire Service. Their efforts managed to raise over £250 for the charity which will be used to help the partially sighted and blind members of the St Albans community have access to events in the world via a special audio system. Congratulations children you have been a wonderful example to all of us and have really entered in to the charitable and Christmas spirit.




Christmas Dinner and Parties – MONDAY 19TH DECEMBER – Christmas dinner for the children

TUESDAY 20TH DECEMBER – Class Christmas Parties

Children may wear their Christmas jumpers and other festive decorative head wear all week.




School Photographer –  The school photographer will be coming to school on MONDAY 23RD JANUARY 2017. They will be taking class and group photos NOT FAMILY GROUP PHOTOS.



House Points – Congratulations to the children from Mark who were this week’s winners with 556 points.

2nd Place – Matthew 518 points

3rd Place – John 498 points

4th Place – Luke 441 points




Attendance – Congratulations to Class 2 who had the best attendance this week with 97.9 %

2nd Place – Class 8 – 96.6 %

3rd Place – Class 7 – 95.9%



Future Dates – Monday 19th December – Christmas Dinner

Tuesday 20th December – Class Christmas Parties




The Weekend Tune –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzOfa5RlV7k&list=PL9Mgd9uvwGbNNTM0aFfMKXSVS_tVzSSGU&index=4





The Big Question – “Would you rather live in a democracy or under a dictatorship ruled by Father Christmas?”




In this Advent of expectation
draw us together in unity,
that our praise and worship
might echo in these walls
and also through our lives.
In this Advent of expectation
draw us together in mission,
that the hope within
might be the song we sing,
and the melody of our lives.
In this Advent of expectation
draw us together in service,
that the path we follow
might lead us from a stable
to a glimpse of eternity.