Head’s Newsletter 26th May 2016

We come to the end of another half term and look back on our achievements knowing that the second half of the summer term has much to offer. The word of the week is Holy Communion and this Sunday sees Jesus feed the five thousand, an early sign of  the Eucharist which he established at the Last Supper. This gospel reading is a timely reminder for not just our Year 3 children who received Jesus for the first time this month but for all of us.I hope that you all have a peaceful half term break.

School will be closed tomorrow for staff training and children return on Monday 6th June. 


CHILDREN’S AUTHOR JACK TRELAWNY VISITS SS ALBAN & STEPHEN: The whole school were captivated on Thursday morning by Cornish author Jack Trelawny. He held the children’s attention for an hour as he shared with them the techniques and ideas he uses when he creates his stories.  The children asked some very searching questions about his work and some of them were even rewarded with a copy of  one of his stories because of their insightful understanding. Thank you children for being a very mature audience and buying over 140 of Jack’s books.


YEAR 6 TRIP TO THORPE PARK: Year 6 spent the day at Thorpe Park on Wednesday and had an absolutely fantastic time. They enjoyed the rides and savoured the experience. The trip gave them the opportunity to prepare for their forthcoming D and T project on Fairground Rides.


SPORTS DAY: Our annual Sports Day will be held on Friday 10th June from 9.30am through to 12.30pm. A letter will be sent home today with further details. Please note that all reply slips must be returned before the event if you wish to take your child home once they have been registered for the afternoon.


FINDING SILENCE DAY: Inspired by the BBC Television series ‘The Big Silence’ the monastic tradition of finding silence can teach us about the importance of silence and meditation. The day will include time in silence. The opportunity to sit in silence and to be with yourself is a rare gift, this event offers us all a chance to enjoy time to reflect and to meditate.

Saturday 16th July 2016 Ss Alban & Stephen Parish Centre from 10.45am – 2.30pm


ATTENDANCE: Congratulations to Class 7 who had 98.8% attendance this week.

2nd Place: Class 8 and Class 2 98.5%


HOUSE POINTS: Congratulations to the members of JOHN who were this week’s winners with 176 points

2nd Place: Mark 174 points

3rd Place: Matthew 155 points

4th Place: Luke 57 points


GUESS THE SWEETS IN THE JAR: Over the course of the first week back after half term 2 children in Year 5 will be raising money for The Cats Protection Charity. Each guess will cost 10pence and children will be allowed to bring in money to school which must be put in an envelope with their name on and handed to their class teacher. Good luck children.


BIG QUESTION: Is graffiti an art or an act of vandalism?


MAY’S ACT OF MERCY: Do something for your mum and dad that you wouldn’t normally do.


Helping, Encouraging, Forgiving

May we help one another

to follow Jesus;

May we encourage one another

to follow Jesus;

May we forgive one another

as Jesus forgives us.