Head’s Newsletter 29th April 2016

PEACE is the word of the week. To experience the true peace of Christ in our lives; the removal of anxiety worry and envy we must be in a place to receive it, even when things seem in turmoil. The children have been shining examples of being in a place to receive the peace of Christ this week. They continue to work hard and demonstrate great enthusiasm in their learning. Thank you children.

Crowning of Mary Assembly: To help give this very special assembly the importance it deserves. we ask that every child brings to school a little bunch or posy of flowers to school on Tuesday morning. They will be used to decorate the stage and  placed around the statue of Our Lady. We look forward to welcoming you at 9:30am.

Pray the Rosary on a Friday Morning: On the following Fridays Mr Soyka will lead a decade of the Rosary in the peace garden from 8:45am:

Friday 6th – 1st Joyful Mystery Friday 13th – 2nd Joyful Mystery

Friday 20th – 3rd Joyful Mystery

Friday27th – 4th  and 5th Joyful Mystery

We hope that some of you will be able to join us.

Dropping Children To School: There have been a number of children who have been dropped to school as early as 8:20am over the past three weeks. And left unsupervised. The school is not responsible for the care of any child until the doors to classes open at 8:45am or you have attended Breakfast Club. It is parents and carers responsibility to make adequate provision for their child up until this point. Please ensure that you follow this very important aspect of Health and Safety and Safeguarding.

Lepra Appeal: Thanks to your fantastic support and incredible donations we managed to raise over £2700. This fantastic sum is enough money to change the lives of over 100 families. Thank you to everyone who have helped to  make this happen. A special mention must be given to those children who raised money through cake sales. Your hard work and initiative will help to transform the lives of the people in need of medical attention. Congratulations to everyone.

Get Your Grown Ups Gardening: Don’t forget that this exciting new initiative start tomorrow from 10:00am through to 1:00pm. If you haven’t made plans for the weekend why not come along and join us? We look forward to welcoming you.

Year 4 Trip to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village: The children from Year 4 made the long but very worthwhile journey to West Stow on Wednesday. After a very full day they returned to school brimming with new knowledge about this important group of invaders and settlers.

House Points: Our new house captains were presented with their new badges in front of family members and the school community on Tuesday afternoon at assembly. We are very proud of them and we look forward to them carrying out their role responsibly.

1st Place: Luke 757 points

2nd Place: Matthew 757 points

3rd Place: Mark 754 points

4th Place: john 413 points 

The Big Question: If I lose my memory, am I the same person?

Attendance: Congratulations to Class 2 and Class 8 who had 100% attendance this week.

2nd Place: Class 7—99.2%

April’s Act of Mercy: When you feel angry about something remain calm and say a quick prayer.

School Bank: Please note that the school bank at the Junior School will be on a THURSDAY morning not FRIDAY.

 From the PTA: A huge thank you to The Kid Gloves for putting on a fabulous show last Saturday. It was a great night and raised over £400 for the PTA. The band very generously played for free so instead we held a collection for the charity of their choice which raised a further £300. Thanks also to Trestle theatre for hosting the event and to everyone who came.

Wanted : Raffle Co-ordinator – URGENT

Raffles are hugely profitable and make up a large percentage of PTA profits each year. At last year’s Autumn fair the two raffles made a combined total of £1800! So that we can keep up this high level of contribution, the PTA committee are looking for someone / a group of people to take on the organisation of raffles. This would involve procuring raffle prizes and managing the selling of tickets. There is work involved, but it is mostly sending standard letters and emails to companies and organisations. We have a comprehensive contact list of potential contributors for the person to work with. There is no requirement to be at school during the day or to get involved in any other PTA activities. Specifically, we are looking for someone to organise the Grand Raffle and Children’s Raffle for this year’s Autumn Fair. If you would like to contribute to the school and feel this is something you could do, or help with, please email ssaspta@gmail.com or speak to Celia Roberts. Additionally, please do contact us if you,or the company you work for, are able to donate a prize. Thank you.

Year 4 Maths Parent Workshop: The next parent workshop takes place next Friday for Year 4 Parents from 9.05am. For any parent who is unable to attend, their child will be taught by an adult other than their teacher. We look forward to welcoming you.

Future Dates:

Saturday 30th April—Get Your Grown Ups Gardening 10am—1pm


 Tuesday 3rd May—Crowning of Mary Assembly—9.30am

PTA Meeting @ the Junior School 8pm

Thursday 5th May—Year 5 to the Natural Hisotry and Science Museum

Friday 6th May—Rosary @ 8.45 in the Peace Garden

Year 4 Maths Parent Workshop 9.05am—10.30am





Breakfast Club: We are now offering BACON SANDWICHES AND VERY SOON SCRAMBLED AND BOILED EGGS! The club is open to all Junior children ,so why not come and join us? For £3 a day your child will enjoy a hearty breakfast before school and the opportunity to meet and play with friends — 7:45am to 8:45am.

Life Comes Leaping

Winter death

and springtime breath;

winter grief

and springtime  leaf;

winter sleep

but life comes leaping

from the darkest deep.