Head’s Newsletter 16th September 2016

After this morning’s torrential downpour it seems as if we have come to the end of a glorious summer. Year group meetings began this week and will conclude on Monday 26th September with Year 5. Fr Tom celebrated mass this morning to mark the beginning of the academic year and was well attended by many parents. Our new teachers and year three children were given a blessing to welcome them to the Junior School and our new Chaplaincy Team were installed and presented with their ties. The secondary transfer meeting was also well attended by many Year 6 parents and family members. Slides from the meeting can be found on the school website. The PTA held their annual general meeting on Thursday evening and was supported by a small but hardy group of parents both new and old. Please remember that next Saturday sees the first PTA event of the year – Welcome Fair.


This week’s word is:TRUSTWORTHY – Sunday’s Gospel tells of the importance of stewardship. If we are trusted with gifts and talents, do we always use them for the right reasons? How do we make sure that the choices we make which allow our talents to flourish nurtured and cared for?


Dropping Off: It has been fantastic to see so many children accessing Breakfast Club, I hope that they are enjoying the food and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of friends before school. Please make sure that you drop your child at the top of the drive that leads in to the school car park. The car park opens at 7 o ‘clock in the morning and is constant use through to 9 o’clock. To ensure everyone’s safety please make sure that you park on Cavendish or Cecil Road and walk your child in to Breakfast Club. Thank you for your support with this important matter.


PARENT / TEACHER CONSULTATIONS: Consultations will take place on the week beginning 10th and 17th of October 2016. Appointment times will be open from Monday 19th September and can be made on line using the Parentmail system. Please note that appointments can be made for individual children over the two weeks. Whilst we understand that you may not be successful in securing your preferred appointment time, we have tried to accommodate the needs of all parents by holding the consultations over two evenings.

Week Beginning 10th October: Appointment times run from 4pm through to 5.30pm


Week Beginning 17th October: Appointment times run from 4pm through to 6.45pm


Governors’ Building Fund:http://www.ssasjm.herts.sch.uk/governors-building-fund

The link above explains how this very important fund works. The fund is used to support the cost of any major building work that the school undertakes. As a school we haveto find 10% of the final cost of all major projects and the governors’ building fund allows for this to happen. If you haven’t signed up to the scheme please give it some consideration. Thank you.


Running Club: Mrs Jones who has run the school Running Club for a number of years has asked if parents could refer to the Parentmail that was sent to all parents earlier in the week and to let her know if your child wishes to take part in this excellent opportunity after school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thank you.


Netball Club: This very successful club is looking for one more volunteer to help train the children after school on Thursday evenings from 3.30pm through to 4.40pm. If you are interested please can you speak with Mrs King.


RE Newsletter: This new initiative will be sent to parents at the week beginning the 26th of September. It will help you to understand the current topic that your child is studying in class and the outcomes expected by the end of the unit of work. We hope that they will be of great use to you as a family.


Attendance: Congratulations to Class 2 who had 100% attendance this week

2nd Place:Class 1 and Class 6  with 99.3%

3rd Place: Class 5 with 98.10%


The Big Question: “Is it ever possible to learn nothing?”


Give Thanks

in the shadow of daytime

Give thanks for the sun.

In the shadow of night – time

Give thanks for the day.

In the shadow of sadness

Give thanks for all joy.

In the shadow of dying

Give thanks for all life.