Head’s Newsletter 15th July 2016

It has been another very busy and successful week at St Alban & St Stephen. The week began with two amazing performances of the Lion King by our Year 6 children, and culminated with a tea party for the Queen’s 90th for the whole school. Year 5 made the trip to Legoland on Wednesday and our SATs results confirmed once again the excellent achievement of our pupils. Term ends at 1:30pm next Thursday but there is still much to be done.


The word of the week is: Listening – Pope Francis has told us “Open up your heart and listen to what God is saying.” I remember a few years ago a visiting priest gave a very brief sermon about this week’s gospel reading and told the congregation that we should try to be a little more like Martha on the outside and a little bit like Mary on the inside. If we take time to listen to what God wants from us like Mary did we learn to love in a different way.


SATs Results: This year’s SATs results were a fantastic achievement and continue to build on the success of previous years. The children worked incredibly hard to achieve such a wonderful set of results and are proof that hard work really does pay off. The tests were more demanding than in previous years and it is important to recognise that the standards in place this year are much higher than those in previous years.

Thank you to everyone who helped to prepare the children in any way over the past seven years.


The Lion King: As one of the children from the Infants commented after they had seen the show “…that was epic!” and indeed it was. The quality of both performances was outstanding. The children’s singing and delivery was amazing and really added to the overall energy of the performances. The hours spent learning lines, songs and stage management meant that everyone who saw the performances were not disappointed. Thank you to everyone, who, in some way, had a hand in helping to make this year’s adaptation of the Lion King an event that will live in the memory for many years. Congratulations children.


Pantomime 2016: On Camp Road there is a bus stop that has a Christmas advert emblazoned on the shelter and bearing that in mind please make a note of the following notice:

SAVE THE DATE! This year’s PTA Alban Arena pantomime trip for school families will be on Saturday 10th December at 10.30am. This is always a very popular event, with a discount on the usual ticket price. Details to follow at the beginning of next term.



Plates and Bowls: If you made a dish for our International Afternoon a couple of weeks ago and haven’t collected the plate or bowl that was used please speak to a member of the office staff who will return it to you. Thank you.


Tea Party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Bithday: The children enjoyed a Caribbean musical workshop as part of our celebrations to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. This was followed by a tea party in the afternoon. Every child was given a book to mark the occasion called The Servant Queen which was funded by Her Majesty. We hope that you enjoyed the day children. A special thanks must be given to Mrs Megias for organising the event.



GYGUG: The final session of this year took place last Saturday. The hard work and incredible effort that has gone into making the grounds look and feel more welcoming has been appreciated by many parents. Thank you to everyone who helped.



NBS Fest: This new event  takes place tomorrow from 3.00pm through to 10.00pm at Nicholas Breaspear . There are a whole host of stalls and refreshments to enjoy and a big firework finale just before 10.00pm. £7.50 and adult £5 for students £20 for a family of four.



The Big Question: Is graffiti an art or an act of vandalism?



Netball and Running Club Presentations: Over the past week these two popular clubs made their end of year presentations wher many children were rewarded for their efforts and attitude in full support of many parents. It has been fantastic to see so many boys and girls learning new ways to improve their understanding of different sports which can help them in the classroom. A special mention must be given to the coaches who help to run the clubs and without whom they wouldn’t exist.



Future Dates: Friday 15th July – Year 6 Leavers’ Party 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Tuesday 19th July – Year 6 Leavers’ Mass 7.00pm at Ss Alban & Stephen Church

Thursday 21st July – Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly 10.00am / Term ends at 1.30pm






I dreamed I stood in a studio

And watched two sculptors there


The clay they used was a young child’s mind

And they fashioned it with care.


One was a teacher, the tools she used

Were books, music and art;


One parent, who worked with a

Guiding hand, and a gentle, loving heart.


Day after day the teacher toiled,

With touch that was deft and sure,


While the parent laboured by her side

And polished and smoothed it o’er.


And then at last their task was done,

They were proud of what they had wrought,


For the things they had moulded into a child

Could neither be sold not bought.


And each agreed that they would have failed

If they had worked alone,


For behind the teacher stood the school

And behind the parent the home.


(Cleo V. Stewart)