Fr Tom Hewitt MSC RIP


5th January 2017

We arrived at school today to the very sad news that Fr Tom Hewitt MSC passed away after a short illness. Fr Tom served as a priest at St Alban and Stephen from 1979 through to 1984 and again from 2006 to his death. At a special memorial assembly, the children remembered his kindness when they went to him for reconciliation and times when he blessed their houses. He also baptised many of the children at the school.

Fr Tom will always be remembered for his smile and great sense of humour. He always enjoyed celebrating mass for the children and was in awe of their unique talents and gifts.He was the true essence of a missionary, a man who took the word of God to those who were ready to hear it in countries that were divided. We will miss him greatly.

Fr Tom Hewitt MSC – Rest in Peace