Year 6

Anti Bullying Week Slides

Anti Bullying Week 2017

This year’s Anti Bullying Week theme was – “All Different, All Equal”. The slides on the document can be shared with your child about the feelings they have around bullying. Bullying is a serious issue in schools and one we work hard to teach the children about in terms of the impact such behaviour can have. It is never something any one should experience but by teaching the children about the ways it can be stopped and dealt with it should help them to feel confident to speak about it. We hope that you find the information useful.

BUK presentation 2016

Stackpole – Day 4


The final day of activity was a great success and the weather was absolutely glorious. The children had another fantastic day and completed the last two rounds of activities. The Badgers and the Stoats spent the whole day away from the centre and enjoyed a wonderful coastal walk before climbing the face of the old quarry, whilst the Otters got to grips with the muddy terrain of the estate and canoeing in the moat of Pembroke Castle. The Weasels made short work of the orienteering challenge in the morning and set about discovering new parts of the estate in the afternoon on their mountain bikes. The Polecats enjoyed canoeing in the morning and spent the day at the beach in and out of the rock pools in the afternoon. The shop was open after dinner in the evening for the children to buy a little souvenir of a week they will remember for many years to come.

Stackpole – Day 3

As day three draws to a close the children have had another great day at Stackpole. Breakfast was an interesting mix of hash browns, spaghetti hoops and rounds and rounds of toast. Activities began once again soon after breakfast was finished.

Whilst the Badgers looked for the creatures from the sea at Angle Bay, the Stoats managed to tame the winds in the moat of Pembroke Castle as they worked together in their canoes. The Otters and the Weasels spent the day exploring the Stackpole Estate and climbing the old quarry face before returning home for a hot meal. The polecats got to grips with the new mountain bikes in the morning and explored the woods in the afternoon. Class 7 went out at 7pm to experience the “night line” with Mr Jewels, Mrs King and Mr McMorrow and returned full of stories and laughter. Fatigue meant an early night for all, with much talk of merriment and adventure tomorrow.

Stackpole – Day 2

After a decent night’s rest and a early shower (at 6:00am for some early risers!) a hearty cooked breakfast was served before (from 8:30am) the five groups set off on their day’s activities. The Badgers explored the sprawling woods and managed to orientate themselves successfully around the grounds and completed the second part of the John Muir Conservation Award pulling up brambles to clear much needed space. The Stoats took to their bicycles and enjoyed a wonderful bike ride cycling through streams and muddy tracks. The Otters spent the morning at Freshwater West beach to sample life in the rockpools whilst the Weasels canoed in the moat of Pembroke Castle. The Polecats spent the whole day away from the centre learning to climb and taking in some breathtaking views of the Stackpole Estate. Class 7 spent the last part of the day completing the teachers’ favourite activity of the week – The Night Line.  After another great day the children flopped in to bed ready for Wednesday.

Stackpole – Day 1


As day one draws to a close the children have had a very exciting day. They survived the five and half hour coach journey and arrived safely at Stackpole Outdoor Learning Centre just after three o’clock. After a quick tour of the centre they set out on their first activity which took in the view from Bob’s Bluff – the best view on the entire estate. After a short break to take in the view from the eight arch bridge the children ventured back to the centre after a three mile walk to a dinner of sausages, potatoes, sweetcorn and carrots. This was followed by a dessert of peaches and ice cream. Once dinner was finished, the children returned to their rooms to unpack and make their beds. A quick fire drill and run through of the health and safety procedures signalled an end to the first day.


Autumn Homework

Here is the Year 6 homework grid for the Autumn term. The children should also have this stuck into their homework books.

Autumn Homework Grid – Year 6

Each week, the children are expected to complete one piece of work from this grid. They should vary the columns that they choose from and avoid repeating the same column two weeks running.

We are expecting to see a variety of different methods of presentation and the children should take the opportunity to impress us through their work. If a piece of work is completed on the computer it can be printed off, or brought into school on a memory stick. Children should always write in their homework book, even if they have completed their work on computer, so that we can see their work when we look back.

Please ensure that the children have spoken to one of the teachers before the weekly deadline if they have any questions.


Year 6 Curriculum Info

Homework 2017 -18

Throughout the academic year 2017 -18 homework will be set for each year group via a range of different activities every half term. Children are expected to complete one activity per week and to hand it in on Thursdays. They should complete each activity once. It is our hope that by setting homework in this way, it offers families a more flexible approach and parents more of an opportunity of supporting their children’s learning. Activity grids will be put on the school web site under Year Group pages. Please click on the documents below for further details.

Homework letter

Autumn homework grid GL


Secondary Transfer Slides

Please click on the link to take you to the slides that were used at the presentation regarding the secondary school transfer process. they will be of great use when you come to apply.

Secondary Transfer Meeting 2018

Year 6 Class 8 22nd May2017