Welcome to our Nursery!
The Foundation Stage is what we call the early years of education; the time spent in a Nursery and in the Reception class. It is exactly what it says, a foundation for future learning. Most of the time it won’t feel like learning, the children see it as fun and an extension of their play. There are seven broad areas of learning in the Foundation Stage. These inform planning and teaching and promote learning to ensure children’s ‘school readiness’. The areas also give children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life. Our Nursery Class expectations are that we are safe, happy and healthy, and that we make good choices, listen and learn.
Curriculum Information Autumn 1
Nursery Welcome Booklet

Our Teachers
Foundation Stage leader – Mrs Smith
Teacher – Mrs Watters
Support – Miss Dickinson (Mornings), Mrs O’Connor (Mon & Tues), Mrs Realmuto (Wed – Fri)

Also supporting in Nursery
Mrs Murphy – SEN
Mrs Rees – PSHE
Mr O’Neill – PE
Mrs Grisley – Pastoral Care
Mrs Doherty – ICT