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State Opening of Parliament Assembly

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Welcome to the School Council Webpage!

An enormous thank you to the fantastic School Council for helping to organise the 2015 General Elections in our School. They helped create the Voting Booths and performed their duties as Polling Officers in a professional and efficient way. The elections were very well received in the school, promoting many discussions surrounding the importance of Democracy in the school and in the wider community.

As a follow up, we have a Loan Box from The Houses of Parliament and used it to produce an assembly to help us understand how the parts of Parliament work together. We explained what happens on the State Opening of Parliament and our Parliamentary candidates will be holding a mini debate to illustrate some of the processes involved in passing new laws.

Everyone did an excellent job, despite the heat, helping the whole school to understand more about the three parts of Parliament.

State Opening of Parliament

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School Elections 2015 – Video to follow