Eco School

We are the Eco-Schools Team and we are helping make our school a better and greener place. We are here to remind you of what we are doing and sometimes what we should be doing but not always managing to do it!

We have an Action Team consisting of two members of each class and Mr. Hancock (from year 5)  and we meet every fortnight.

We have split ourselves into smaller groups to help tackle some of our important jobs – we have Energy Enforcers, Recycling Rangers, Grounds Guardians AND Board Blasters.

Sustainable St. Albans Week

This term our school took part in Sustainable St. Albans week. An initiative to help our community become a more eco-friendly and sustainable place to live. This was in line with COP21, the climate change summit happening in Paris. As part of Sustainable St. Albans week each class looked at their impact on the planet. Everyone then wrote a pledge of something they could do to make their lives more eco-friendly.

Our school also took part in a local effort to make sure the people taking part in the climate change summit in Paris understood how important it is for them to secure the future of the Earth by slowing down climate change. To do this we created postcards explaining some of the impacts of climate change and why it needs to be stopped as soon a possible. These postcards were then sent to the Paris climate change summit and handed to Lord Bourne, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Dept of Energy and Climate Change.

He said;

“Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing our world and our long-term economic security, so it’s very reassuring to see how aware these young people are of the challenges facing us in the future. Seeing so much interest and passion from this next generation, I am confident that we will stay on track tackling climate change.”

Here is a link to the website that shows the postcards being handed over.

Postcards to Paris



June – Friends of the Earth “Run on Sun” Campaign



June – repotting our plantlets into bigger pots

May – Sunflower Challenge

May – Bikeability course for Year 5s

March 2015 – Litter Pickers. Great job!

March 2015 – our new team

Living Streets – Walk to School Badge Winners


February 2015 – Big School Birdwatch

January 2015 – Filling up the bird-feeders. Getting ready for the Big Schools Birdwatch.

Eco School 2014-5


We were invited by Mitsubishi Electric to enter a competition over the year to show how we are eco-aware.  We created posters for all the challenges Mitsubishi put before us …  Go on to the Mitsubishi Electric Learning Curve webpage to see our entries in full.







Nature Trail

The School Council and the Eco School Team are putting their heads together to come up with ideas for a Nature Trail through our grounds.  We also need some shading in the Year 3 playground so one of our parents is helping us get these ideas working.  Early days yet, but keep watching this page for updates.

November 2014


Meet our NEW Eco Team AND Assembly November 2014

October 2014 – checking up on the bird feeders

Eco School team 2013-14

Eco School Bronze award achieved June 2008

Eco School Silver award achieved June 2010

Green Flag achieved June 2014!

23rd June 2014 – Our Green Flag Inspection

Mid-June: Our Small Tidy-Up!

Our Sunflower Competition


Each class is trying to grow the tallest sunflower.  Keep watching each week to see which one will win …

13th June – Measuring of the Sunflowers

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Early June: Potting up our classes’ largest sunflower and starting to measure

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Class 4 had to negotiate with Class 1 for their second-best sunflower

… now 7 weeks old … in the Courtyard … oops Class 4!

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… now about 3 weeks old …


April – Our Sunflower Grow-Off. Each class sowing 3 seeds …

Filling up our Bird Feeders in March and May

April – Heron Watching in Verulamium Park

March 2014 – Green Leaders from Nicholas Breakspear leading a Recycling Assembly

January 2014 – Our Big School Bird Watch

Autumn 2013 – Great Tidy Up

Eco Code

Reduce electricity – turn off lights, computers, turn down heating

instead of opening windows, keep door shut when using air

conditioning in ICT suite

Reduce water – turn off taps, use a water butt

Reuse paper

Recycle paper, card, bottles, plastics and tins

Walk, cycle/scoot, park and ride to school

Eat healthy snacks at break

Use fruit waste as compost

Grow vegetables

Don’t drop litter – bin it!

Encourage wildlife – plant flowers, make a wood pile, dig a pond!

Look after our birds – use feeders and boxes

Follow our Eco Code at home!


We’ve decided to make our Eco Code into an acrostic. 

Our new Eco Code




Off with those lights and taps to save electricity and water

Use both sides of the paper

Reduce the heating instead of opening the windows

Encourage wildlife – dig a pond, plant flowers, make a wood pile

Card, bottles, plastics, paper and tins are good to recycle

Our compost bins need filling up with fruit and veg waste

Scooter/cycle or walk to school

Crops/vegetables are good to grow

Have healthy snacks at break – 5-a-day fruit and veg

Our birds are special, look after them by using feeders and boxes

Original Eco Code – our team made it up!

Litter should be binned, not dropped

Obey the Eco Code at home as well as school


During the last 2 years we have replaced all our doors and windows for double-glazed units.  We have changed our hot air radiators to thermostatically-controlled radiators.  All the staff can now regulate the heating in their rooms – instead of just opening the windows!

Every Friday our Energy Enforcers team inspect each classroom and and other parts of the school to check whether we have turned off the lights and projectors when not in use. We publish the figures on our notice board and we are looking for the best energy aware class each week. We also inspect and report any leaking taps to Mr. Roache, our caretaker.

Switch-off Fortnight. We participated in this event over the past three year and now it’s a bit of a tradition See our Green Ambassadors’ page.



We recycle

  • Card
  • Plastics
  • Compost
  • A4 paper
  • Tins and cans



What are we doing?

Our Recycling Rangers team is responsible for making sure we use both sides of paper, and takes the paper to be recycled from our classes to the big bin by the kitchens.  We empty the caddies into the compost bins every break time.

Our school uses Parentmail instead of paper copies for newsletters and PTA flyers.

We have joined a scheme where we collect all our white used paper which is then picked up by Apsley Paper Mill in Hemel Hempstead to be recycled into new paper.


Our Grounds Guardians check that our bird feeders are full.  They also lead our Big Tidy Up lunchtimes.   We are also thinking about buying litter bins for the back/front playgrounds.

In spring 2012 some of our parents and their children helped on a Saturday morning to dig in our new veg beds which we received from the Morrison’s Let’s Grow voucher campaign.

Our Guardians also collect together the figures for Walk on Wednesdays and post them onto our notice board.

This year we have added to these flowerbeds and now each class has their own.  Over to you, classes, to see what you can produce!


Over the past few years we have tried to Walk on Wednesdays (WoW).  Now we are aiming to walk or scoot or park and stride to school TWICE a week.  We count how many of us were able to do this and then we announce the most successful class.  In our Achievement Assembly the winner is presented with our prestigious Golden Shoe!

At the end of each month every child who has travelled healthily to school twice a week receives a Living Streets WoW badge.

Our Golden Shoe



For the past 3 years our school has been part of the District Sustainability Ambassadors Programme.  This programme links Primary and Secondary schools in St Albans and Harpenden to share ’sustainable’ ideas and activities. The programme is supported by St Albans District Council.

Here are our 2 Green Ambassadors from Year 6.

In June the Ambassadors attended a one-day conference at Sir John Lawes School in Harpenden to gather ideas and information for their year in office.

They have publicised our Switch-off Fortnight, and are hoping to sponsor a panda from the WWF, and make the school a more bee-friendly place.

July 2014 -The Bees have Come!

Our Bee-Friendly Beds are coming on!

June 2014 – Sustainable Schools Ambassadors Conference

May 2014: Our new lavender plant sent to us by EDF Energy

April 2014: Our Green Ambassadors being helped to sow bee-friendly plants by Amanda Yorwerth from Friends of the Earth

Our Panda Sponsorship Assembly

Our Panda Cake Sale and counting the money

Switch Off Fortnight – Assembly and Pledges

AMBASSADORS 2012 – 2013

Last year’s Green Ambassadors had a busy year.  They presented Switch Off Fortnight to the school, made a film about our Eco team, helped raise awareness of energy/water saving and improved our biodiversity in the school grounds.


At the end of the year they were invited to attend the end of year conference at the Council Offices to meet the mayor.  They gave a short presentation of what they had achieved over the year, including showing a clip from their film.

Our Ambassadors year