Bienvenidos a ‘Spanish Day’ ~ 22 de Octubre 2014

As part of our annual celebration of ‘European Day of Language’ and during our ‘One World Week’, our school hosted a day celebrating the traditions and culture of Spain.

Our children enjoyed lots of activities during our exciting workshops. They all had the opportunity to: taste delicious Spanish food, learn lots of Spanish words and phrases, understand more about the land and the culture of Spain, paint like Picasso and  watch and dance in a Flamenco performance.

Our Parents and friends were also invited to the two assemblies held that day and were treated to lots of Spanish nibbles and tapas and then in the afternoon to a Flamenco performance.

Muchas Gracias ~ Many thanks to all the parent helpers who gave up so much time over the weeks to help plan, support, decorate and run some of the workshops. Thanks also to Anita La Maltesa and Ramon Ruiz who ran the flamenco workshop and performed for us.